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Vaccine Preventable Diseases


The Disease

Typhoid fever is a life-threatening illness caused by the bacterium Salmonella Typhi.  Although relatively rare in the United States, typhoid fever is still common in the developing world.  You can get typhoid fever if you eat food or drink beverages that have been handled by a person who is shedding Salmonella Typhi or if sewage contaminated with Salmonella Typhi bacteria gets into the water you use for drinking or washing food.

The Vaccine

If needed, there are currently two vaccines available in the United States. Please consult your doctor or travel clinic to determine which vaccine is right for you.

Who Should get Vaccinated?

Vaccination is not usually needed in the U.S. Usually, it is recommended only for international travelers going to developing countries where exposure to contaminated food or water is likely.

North Carolina Requirements

Typhoid vaccination is not required in North Carolina.

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Updated: September 11, 2019