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Attention All Providers Using the North Carolina Immunization Registry (NCIR) 

NCIR has a new website address (URL). When you login to NCIR, you will now see the new website URL in the address window.

The old URL is:

This URL will be disabled on June 30, 2022. Please edit bookmarks for NCIR prior to the old URL cutoff date. Edit your bookmark by right-clicking on the bookmark itself, left-clicking on Properties and retyping the new NCIR URL into the blank address window.

The new URL is:

NCIR Trainings

NCIR COVID-19 Vaccine Provider User Guides and Recorded Trainings - Clicking on the link will direct you to the North Carolina DHHS NCIR webpage, where you can access newly refreshed NCIR related user guides, recorded live trainings, training schedule and other helpful materials for all providers participating in the State's COVID-19 vaccine program. NCIR User Guides and Recorded Trainings.

The following trainings are related to NCIR users and their specific roles in the registry. User roles include reports-only, typical user, inventory control, and administrators.

The user roles are defined as follows:

  • Reports-only:The reports only user is able to search for clients and print client specific immunization records. This user may not edit or update information in the registry.
  • Typical User:This user role is the most common in the NCIR. The typical user finds, adds, and edits clients records, manages immunization information, and prints immunization report for clients. The typical user is able to do everything that can be done by the reports-only user.
  • Inventory Control:The inventory control user is responsible for the managing of the organization's inventory of vaccines. This role is able to use the NCIR to view the organization's inventory, add vaccines, update vaccines, view inventory transactions, submit inventory counts, and view inventory reports - including Vaccine Accountability Statements. The inventory control user is able to do everything that can be done by the typical user and reports-only user
  • Administrator:This user role serves as the main contact for the NCIR within the health care organization. Administrators are responsible for adding new users and inactivating users who should no longer have access. Administrators are also responsible for maintaining organization specific information, including user, site, and clinician information. This user role is able to run reports, including reminder/recall reports and reports to access immunization coverage. The administrator is able to do everything that can be done by report-only, typical, and inventory control users. It is required that you have at least two administrators within your organization - one primary and at least one backup.

New User Trainings for All NCIR Users

Inventory Management for Administrators and Inventory Control Users